The Battle for Skandia

The Battle for Skandia

eBook - 2008
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Feb 14, 2019

love this book! I really want Will and Evanlyn to end up together.

Sep 19, 2018

Not downloadable to iPhone! 🤨. Therefore useless to me,

Feb 01, 2018

The Battle of Skandia is a great book that really cleared up some things from past books, as well as including the battle with the Temuji, and Halt/Horace teamwork.

Nov 03, 2017

Intense action, a twisting plot, and never-ending epicness. I don't think anyone could have described the Temujai vs. Skandians battle better than Flanagan. Overall, an outstanding fourth book of the 'Ranger's Apprentice' series.

Mar 23, 2016

For a much more detailed review, check this book out on my blog!

Another great addition to the series with improvement in character development and a conclusion to the current story line. It is also one of the more emotional and action packed books of the series so far. A must read!

Dec 03, 2015

This is my favorite in the whole series. John Flanagan keeps writing books that are completely original and fantastic. I absolutely LOVE this series. Can't wait for The Tournament At Gorlan to come out!!!!

Oct 21, 2014

It really gets good when large hairy men fight large battles against invading Temujai.

Apr 23, 2013

Excellent! One of my favorites in the series. Lots of uh..Epicness

pollyvirgil Dec 09, 2012

I think that this book is the second best book after book 10

Oct 26, 2012

this is just those kind of books you can't leave your eyes out of:)

Sep 12, 2012

Well, Will has conveniantly recovered from his accidental addiction just in time for the start of this book. Flanagan starts off reminding us every other paragraph that Will is weak and recovering slowly, then throws all that out the window as soon as Evanlyn is in danger. Granted, Will does have a few side effects from exaustion, but not many. Once again, Will acts younger than his supposed age. Flanagan's favourite word pops up even more (see my previous reviews on this series). Halt and Horace \re around to provide just the extra boost of skill that Will needs to defeat an invasion. Yes, they did have quite a few Skandians to help them, but because Will is oh-so-special he can turn the tide nearly by himself. Not suprisingly, they have some close calls along with perdictable ways to save themselves from such things. Flanagan's writing is still decent. The book is a little slow at first but picks up during the battle. Flanagan seems to skim over the events prior to the battle while still taking quite a long time to do so. Then the battle takes up quite a bit of page space. This book comes to his usual standard. Read it for yourself, as I will always say.

Sep 09, 2012

SUCH a good book!!!!! i read this one first....dont do it! i was a little confused at some parts and then i read the others and i was like..oooohhhhh. loveitloveitloveit! will is so awesome and they need to make rangers apprentice books into movies! 5 stars!!!!!!

Aug 20, 2012


Aug 20, 2012

Good, must read others before

ethan561 Aug 16, 2012

amazing book, it tells you about the caracters in a way so that it is not boring than jumps into the story. a great page turner that brought tears to my eyes. excelent book period.

GreyGriffins Jul 16, 2012

i LOVE this book! and i love Will even though he is kinda small, i actually like Will more than Horace, i sometimes found Horace is kinda boring, he is just strong and that's it. but Will is totally different, he has the feeling of mystery and i love it. also, skandians are strong and they always willing to help Will. people should read the ranger's apprentice series and those who read it before, should read it again just like me ( already read two times) i am going to read again! it is the happiest time in my life just to read that series.

May 29, 2012

One of the best!

Jean-Pierre Lebel
Apr 28, 2012

Book four in the Ranger's Apprentice series is good reading. Near the end of the book there is a fierce battle that I found a true page turner. It was exciting. Flanagan demonstrates that he has many interesting ideas in each book he publishes. What I love about the Ranger's series is that it's believable fantasy; there are no dragons, magic, or prophecy fulfillment. No one really possesses super powers except the ones that the characters have to work really hard to achieve such as expert marksmanship. I'm quite pleased with the direction this story took as it brought everything full circle. The first four books could be their own quadrilogy. Recommended.

Dec 24, 2011

A great book 4 in a great 11 book series. Doctor-at Bass! T. A. JULY 2012 – I have to agree with my teenage son, this book and series is very entertaining. Book four was simply fun reading for a dad wanting to relate to a series of books his son could read over and over again. My son is getting a kick out of seeing where I am in each book. We enjoy comparing notes. I highly recommend this series to parents of teenage boys and girls. If there is a series of books that can raise the interest of a young boy in reading, this has to be it! Senior Doctor-at-Bass!

Dec 17, 2011

it was the best book except it was disapointing when will left evenlyn

Oct 20, 2011

i liked all the books ^.^ and the description got the books kingdoms mixed up :D

joeman01 Sep 30, 2011

this book was the best book in the series so far i fave only read to the fifth but. I am going to finish the series.

Sep 27, 2011

I've read 6 of the books and this is the best one !!! Still have to read 7,8,9,10!!!! SOOOO excited

Horatiu May 24, 2011

out of the first four books the best

Feb 24, 2011

One of my favourites in the series. The author did a better job then he did on most of his books.

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