Every Note Played

Every Note Played

Book - 2018
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Aug 16, 2019

Another powerful novel by Lisa Genova! Touches on marriage,parenting,lifestyle, music, caregiving and ALS. I can see this showing in the big screen...

Jul 22, 2019

An intimate story of how ALS can be life-changing -- not only for the patient but also for their family and caregivers. I enjoyed the family dynamics in this story and learned a lot about the horrible disease that is ALS. At times redundant, it was slow-moving in parts, but I highly recommend.

The story of Richard a famous pianist who develops ALS. A hear breaking story of lost love and dying.

SCL_BethZ Jul 10, 2019

An absolutely heartbreaking story about forgiveness, music, and the devastating effects of ALS. It was both a learning experience about the disease and a phenomenal experience in empathy. Very well written, but a heavy, heavy read.

Jun 07, 2019

This is Lisa Genova doing what she does best. Creating very real people and relatable families that are dealing with a neurological disease. She is a master at this and you can be sure you will learn a lot from her books, while having all your heart strings pulled. This latest title left me with a very heavy heart but you have to know going into it that it will not be an uplifting read.

LPL_LeahN Apr 27, 2019

A renowned concert pianist is diagnosed with ALS. Aside from his struggles with his diagnosis and rapidly declining condition, he must turn to his estranged ex-wife for help at what they both know is the end of his life. What unfolds is an unforgettable lesson in forgiveness and redemption.

I feel like this book could be a tough sell due to the heavy subject matter. But Lisa Genova has impeccable pacing and a beautiful voice, making this read hard to put down. She is not only a multi time bestselling author, but also the holder of a PhD in neuroscience from Harvard. She writes of ALS with firsthand knowledge and so much compassion for those who suffer with this horrible disease.

Feb 17, 2019

The author delves into the horrid debilitation caused by ALS...even with their faults Richard and Karina were sympathetic characters...this heartbreaking beautiful novel captivated me from beginning to end....highly recommend

Feb 06, 2019

I found this very interesting to read and you got into the characters.

Jan 21, 2019

An amazing book beautifully written.

mazinwhistler Jan 07, 2019

Another beautifully written book by Genova. Her writing is impeccable and her ability to draw you into the characters is second to none. Like her other books, the story is sad yet moving. Definitely a must read!

ics18 Dec 29, 2018

I may have never discovered this book had it not been on the Goodreads nominee list for Best of 2018. I did not expect the book to move me in such a powerful way. At first I thought it might just be too much of a downer and as I went on some of the scenes were so horrifying to consider. The author did a ton of research for this novel and it shows.

I admit to having my eyes well up in numerous parts not from sadness but from empathy and understanding. It makes you consider your relationships with your parents, spouse, children and siblings. Not a light read in any sense, so be warned.

Very impactful and I’m so glad to have read it.

Sep 04, 2018

This heartbreaking account of a classical musician's diagnosis and decline from ALS made for a fascinating book group discussion. Richard's priority has always been music, leaving little time for relationships, leaving him alone with the emotional and physical devastation of his disease, until his ex-wife Karina takes him in to care for him. Richard's gradual losses, especially that of music, are harrowingly portrayed. Karina's sacrifices, both in marriage and in caregiving, are given equal attention. Richard's illness gives the couple opportunity to reflect on their complicated marriage and opens the door to healing.

Aug 19, 2018

My friend Kristin recently asked me if I only read books that make me cry. Apparently I do, but most of all I read books that make me feel. Lisa Genova knows how to open the eyes of her readers. In Every Not Played she brings the reader into the mind of an ALS sufferer so that we can see what it's like to be locked in a body that no longer works but the mind is very sharp. She also brings us into the lives of the people the disease affects. We learn what it's like to take care of someone with ALS. How it can take a toll on those who love the person. I always knew ALS was horrible but this book made me realize just how devastating it can be. A couple things this book made me realize: 1. I'm glad I had breast cancer instead of ALS, 2. There needs to be more funding to find a cure to stop this disease or reverse the effects before they get too far and 3. To be locked in a body that doesn't allow you to communicate except for a blink of your eyes is heartbreaking.

This book left me with such a heavy heart and a lot to think about.

Aug 02, 2018

I love Lisa Genova's books and writing. I have read all of her work and looked forward to this one. I was not able to strongly connect with Richard and go through his journey as much as I thought I would. Still an excellent read and great information on ALS and the process that those stricken with it, and their families, go through.

Jul 26, 2018

This book is like a symphony that has varied movements. We become intimate with ALS through the eyes of Richard and Karina. Genova's research and expertise in the area of neurology gives us solid medical information along with the lyrical prose. The pianist in me was enthralled by the musical inferences and I weep with Richard and Karina over the circumstances that have brought them to where they are. Have a box of tissues ready for the end if you haven't need them already. Highly recommended!

ehbooklover Apr 30, 2018

An emotionally searing read about a fractured family who find a way to come together to face a devastating disease. I have always loved Genova's books and this is one of her best yet. The characters are definitely flawed yet they are also believable and sympathetic. Have some tissues handy!

Apr 26, 2018

Lisa Genova writes about medical conditions (in this case ALS) in a way that you gain a deeper understanding of the disease. However, her talent lies in that despite the medical terminology and detailed descriptions, you never lose sight of the human story - the individual and family at the centre of the illness.

Moving and thought-provoking.

Library_geek Apr 22, 2018

Devastatingly beautiful and honest, Genova has again stripped us bare with her ability to write about the difficult topics that can only be perfected by few. Her words are confronting but delivered in a way that encapsulates you into the reality of ALS and its effect on the sufferer, their families, care workers and others around them. Highly recommend read.

Apr 21, 2018

I read this book in 3 days. I felt so sorry, for the main character, and had the same feelings as the ex, as I read. I really had empathy for her, and the daughter. I love this authors books, you learn so much. Better then reading a text book. Highly recommend it. I give it 5 stars!

Apr 13, 2018

A tragically beautiful story.

Mar 31, 2018

Beautiful story about a horrible disease. I have read all of Lisa Genova's books and have loved them all. I find her books make the characters so real that they haunt me everytime I put the book down that I need to pick it up every chance I can. Every Note played kept me glued to the story, thinking about it when I wasn't able to read and looking for my next opportunity to share in Richard and Karina's story as well as being drawn into every character that was part of this story! If you don't normally read the acknowledgements I encourage you to read the acknowledgments in this one. I savored these pages as much as Richard and Karina's story. I'm not a movie person but this would be a movie I most definitely would make sure I didn't miss. I look forward to more from Lisa Genova!

nwhite1 Mar 21, 2018

I can't wait to read this new book by Lisa Genova - neuroscientist turned bestselling author. This is her fourth novel. Each featuring a different neurological disease. Each as interesting and gut wrenching as the last. If you want to be fully absorbed by a story - you must read one of Lisa's books.

Mar 08, 2018

This is the third novel, written by Lisa Genova, that I have read. She does not disappoint. With Every Note Played, the author of Still Alice and Left Neglected puts the reader inside the body and mind of a concert pianist stricken with ALS. Richard's talent has brought him devoted audiences from all over the world. Until the diagnosis of ALS. He is divorced from Karina due to lack of communication and his cheating with other women. It soon becomes evident that Richard cannot manage his illness while living alone and Karina moves him back to the family home that he left years before. What shines in this novel is the way the author presents this illness in such a sympathetic and detailed way. You will find yourself holding your breath when Richard has difficulty breathing and you will also experience the disease through Karina's eyes. This is not just the account of an illness. It is the story of a man and a woman. Highly recommended.

SnoIsleLib_MarieB Feb 05, 2018

Follow the journey of a concert pianist and his estranged ex-wife after he is diagnosed with ALS. Unflinchingly real and beautifully written, this story will grab you by the heart and hold you until the final page.

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