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Told from separate viewpoints, teens Scam, Crash, Flicker, Anonymous, Bellwether, and Kelsie, all born in the year 2000 and living in Cambria, California, have superhuman abilities that give them interesting but not heroic lives until they must work as a community to respond to a high stakes crisis.
Publisher: New York : Simon Pulse, 2015
Edition: Simon Pulse hardcover edition
ISBN: 9781481443364
Characteristics: 546 pages ; 22 cm


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Jul 05, 2017

I LOVED this book. There was a real life, teenager twist on the characters in the book. The book was also really creative- I have read too many supernatural books where the character's powers are so classic- flying, invisibility, etc., but this book was amazing! 6 perspectives provides a lot of suspense and action, as well.

sarahbru17 Jul 03, 2017

Characters: 10/10
Plot: 8/10
Writing: 10/10
LOVED this fresh take on the superhuman story. These powers were original and creative, yet centered on a central theme that unified them. This is the best superhuman novel I've read.
The plot sometimes felt as if it lacked a central cohesion because of how scattered I was between the six perspectives. Scam and Mob had the most at stake throughout, but even then they had multiple threats and I wasn't sure which one was the most important.
My two favorite perspectives were Flicker and Anonymous, though they had relatively little at stake but personal character development.
I struggled to get into Bellwether's PoV. He just didn't click with me, and I'm not sure I felt the full force of his power.
Though all of the plots are tied up quite nicely, there's enough that I'm still curious about to feed into the sequel--which I'm eager to pick up. :)

ArapahoeStaff1 Feb 14, 2017

I'm a huge fan of Scott Westerfeld for his strange, outside the box stories, but for me, this book failed to impress. I liked the idea of special abilities mixed in with some thriller components, and it was definitely a quick read.

Oct 11, 2016

I really enjoyed Zeroes, mainly due to the characters and how interesting their powers were. The authors came up with some very creative powers, and also wrote their characters very well. I was interested in each of them (although maybe not Chizara, I found her rather annoying) and how each of their roles came together. I loved slowly learning more and more about everyone's back story and what exactly happened in their past, and I loved how these events were revealed subtly. The authors place new information throughout the path of the plot, which kept me intent and focused.

I did feel like the plot was a little lacking. It felt a little like the plot was kept simple in order to fully introduce and focus on the characters, their relationships, their development, and their powers. Each of these aspects, though, were done well, and fully deserve the limelight.

All in all I really liked Zeroes and the ending left me satisfied, so I'm not sure if I'd read the next. Usually sequels end up tainting the first novel, and I'd hate for that to happen.

If you like interweaving plots and storylines (which I do) that tie together diverse, well-developed characters, set with a unobtrusive background of powers, then this book is definitely for you!

May 12, 2016

"An amazing read! The three authors led by Scott Westerfeld got together to make a very exciting and intense new novel filled with elements of action, drama and humour. The story follows the lives of six extraordinary teens who are all born in the year 2000. What's unique about them is that they possess very unique super powers. For example Ethan a.k.a Scam has a voice inside him that can get him whatever he wants. After Ethan gets involved with a drug dealer, a whole lot of drug money, and some bank robbers, he calls on the other super teens who call themselves "Zeroes" to help him. They come together and explore more about their powers as they learn that every power comes with a price. Knowing that this is the beginning of a thrilling new series surely will make readers want to read more!" - - @ReadingThruThe6 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

"Such an amazing book! Ive read this book a couple times now because it’s so good, also because the second one, Swarm, is coming out soon. The book follows six kids that have different “superpowers”. Scam who has a second voice that knows exactly what to say, Crash who can break technology with her mind, Flicker who can see out of anyones eyes but her own, Anonymous who can break your connect and make you forget about him, Bellwether who can focus the energy of a group to one goal and then they meet a sixth zero. Mob who can influence a crowds energy. This book is a huge page turner because you can connect to the characters and you really want to find out more. Definitely one of my favourite series and can’t wait to read the second book when it comes out. Rating 5 out of 5 stars." - @Fallenangelhushhush of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

‘Zeroes’ is a book about a commonly used theme; ‘what if some teenagers had superpowers?’ It follows one of a group of teenagers after a huge argument caused the group to break up. His name is Ethan, or his nickname, Scam. He has a voice that will say anything he wants it to. The story begins with him having stolen a car from drug dealers which sends him into a spiral of conflicts within the underground and the police. Throughout the book, he ends up dragging the group of ‘Zeroes’ back together. This book is very different from the others with the same idea, the people with powers are not heroes. The change made it seem more realistic, they were just normal teens. Besides that, it’s got an okay structuring, a bit on the faster side, and the characters are all very interesting, the book changing perspective to each of the main characters, which helped to display their gradually changing personalities, and somewhere in the middle developing romantic feelings for each other. Overall, the book is a unique take on a common theme, which is refreshing if you read as many books as I do. I would recommend this book to fans of the superhero genre. 4/5. @Xeno of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

LoganLib_Sophie Apr 19, 2016

I love Scott Westerfeld, though it dragged on a little in the middle. Awesome concept- superheros with sucky powers. Overall a good read- would recommend.

Apr 10, 2016

Really interesting and detailed story about six teenagers all born on the year 2000. Love the cover, even though people say "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover". Read this in two days and was worth it! I especially like the bond between Scam and Anonymous :D.

Mar 26, 2016

Everything in this book was Awesome... except for Crash's perspective, I always felt like skipping the chapter whenever i got to her chapters. And Crash seems like annoying mentally retarded, um... how should I say this bi**h

JCLChrisK Jan 27, 2016

An absorbing story about a group of teens with original and unique superpowers that are as much curse as gift. They each struggle in different ways to understand and use those powers in ways that do no harm, not always succeeding, not always confident in their own--or each other's--motives. They do some very questionable things, aren't always likable, and often don't get along. Yet they stick together because no one else has a chance of understanding them. They may be Scam, Crash, Flicker, Anonymous, Bellwether, and Mob on missions, but the rest of the time they are Ethan, Chizara, Riley, Thibault, Nate, and Kelsie, relatable and interesting even when they're not admirable. Unfortunately, the police, Russian gangsters, drug dealers, and other shady characters are after them, so they're going to have to figure some things out very quickly. It makes for an engaging, intriguing, and entertaining book.

Jan 14, 2016

Well, I think its safe to say I immediately made a Zeroes to Heroes (the television show that is, unfortunately, getting rebooted/continued/whatever) connection. Though, if anything, I’d say this was the grittier version of Heroes. And better. Definitely better. As an introduction to Scott Westerfeld’s writing (as well as Lanagan and Biancotti’s), I can definitely say it was a great one.

There are so many things I like about this book that its hard to pick which one to talk about. So let me just ramble for a second. I like that the Zeroes’ reactions to their powers are varied. Some accept it, relish it, while others go between love and hate with their abilities, and some just hate but utilize them anyways. Also, the group is diverse, which I love. There’s not just one token minority character. We need more diversity in books, so this is awesome! I also like that things don’t work out perfectly. I mean, they work out, but not in terms of “happily every after” for everyone involved. I also like that while this is definitely a book that opens itself to a sequel, it is not sequel-bait! Its definitely a self-contained book (as well it should be, considering the size of it.)

For a good portion of the book – and this is somewhat hard to explain, so bear with me – even though action was happening, it didn’t feel like an ‘action’ book, or a book about people with super powers. It felt like a book about troubled people finding themselves. Now, coming from me that would normally be a “BORING!”, but in this book, it worked really, really well. However, it had the side-effect of keeping a very low-key feeling when I wanted to feel ramped up. Then…then it hit the last hundred pages, and suddenly it was an action book, and I could feel the grin stretching across my face. Here’s the ride I’d been anticipating!


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Apr 10, 2016

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Mar 26, 2016

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Oct 06, 2016

Other: thing just things

Oct 06, 2016

Coarse Language: this book as soon as i read it it had about 1 million swear words


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