The true story of the trek across Europe of an Indian elephant and his mahout during the 16th century, told with humour and insight and unusual puntuation.

You learn historical facts. You laugh at the observations and descriptions. You get impatient with the digressions, some of which are quite lengthy and boring. And on several occasions you get completely confused as to who said what because of the writing style which, depending on your mood and patience that day, can be described as either highly creative or utterly demented. Prepare yourself to encounter endless run-on sentences, an unimaginable number of commas, and a few periods (and nothing else in terms of punctuation). Capitalizations appear after commas but never at the begining of a name (unless that name happens to be at the beginning of a sentence).

I enjoyed the first 75% of the book, but got really bored with the last quarter which seemed to include a lot of fluff and digression in order to bulk up the book.

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