I'd heard that cats offer their complete trust only to the people who are feeding them. So they only reveal their really cute side to their owners. Hence it follows that we - the odd couple living next door who were not really Chibi's owners but were merely getting a taste of what cat ownership might be like on an ad hoc basis - were most likely not shown her most coquettish behavior.
But that also meant that Chibi was willing to show us another side of her personality which she didn't show her real owners - her true nature, her refusal to pander to humans, the untouched, wild part of her character. This is where that sense of mystery that Chibi always left us with came from. I think a prime example was that part of her that I name, for lack of a better term, "Lightning Catcher."
... this cat was as quick as lightning, and at the same time was doing her best to catch lightning. p69-71

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