A Sliver of Light
A Sliver of Light Three Americans Imprisoned in Iran By Bauer, Shane Book - 2014

Really stupid Amerrican hikers accidentally - - or were lured - - hike into Iran, a country somewhat besieged by the American government (directed by Wall Street) over the past fifty-some years? The overthrow of democractically elected prime minister, Mossedegh, by the CIA. [During which many Iranians perished.] The institution of Savak by the Shah; various and sundry sanctions against Iran; the leaker [Chris Mellon when he was with the DIA] back in 2001-2002 who claimed Iran had the nuclearn weapons; the earlier shootdown of an Iranian civilian jet flight, Constant invasion of Iranian airspace, first by manned jets, now done by drones. A fleet of American warships constantly anchored just outside of Persian waters. How could anyone wonder how Americans would be jailed in Iran?

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