Mera Tidebreaker By Paige, Danielle Book - 2019

For those that don’t know, this is the first book in DC Comics ‘DC Ink’ imprint. These are one-shot stories that are intended to present traditional DC Universe characters to young adult readers with a world-class line-up of best selling authors at the helm.

I have to say the writing was pretty good in this one but it did feel a little jumpy at times where there seemed to be a narrative developing that draws you in and all of a sudden there’s a quick switch to another scene or the current one just suddenly cuts out. This is also true of some of the lackluster action sequences in the book as well and I agree with other reviewers that the ending seemed rushed.

The romance between the teen characters feels a little too Vampire Diaries at times, so you’re continually reminded that this is aimed at younger audiences, even though in the foreword the author, Danielle Paige, hopes this work will help 14 or 80 year old’s “find their superpowers.” There's a subplot about murder and it too is handled in a very casual Vampire Dairies kind of way and in my humble opinion and it doesn't mix very well with the romance. I felt the story would have benefited from the author focusing more on one plot or the other and not trying to do both which may have resulted in her not being able to fully develop or resolve either plot really well. Still, I can appreciate the fresh take on old DC characters and, as many of you probably guessed, Arthur Curry shows up in this one too but he felt like a fresh new character updated for the times and I almost forgot I knew pretty much everything there is to know about this guy (which is a good thing).

The art was pretty good and fairly consistent throughout and had a crisp animation style feel to it. This makes complete sense when you get to the back of the book and learn that the artist, Stephen Byrne, studied at the Irish School of Animation.

Overall this is a good first outing for a new DC label and after my disappointment with DC’s first offering from their Black Label imprint (Batman Dammed), I’m looking forward to seeing what DC Ink will have to offer in future books. Give this one a try as it’s certifiably fresh!

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